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The second meeting of expert group was held

The second meeting of expert group was held

The work on the development of the Strategy for Cherkasy Region 2021-2027 is going on.
On September 10, the second meeting of expert group was held in the premises of Cherkasy Local Government Development Center.
Roman Karmannik, Head of the Department of Regional Development of Cherkasy Regional State Administration, greeted the participants and noted that the issue of strategic planning on the state level (as well as on the regional one) is an important aspect of the state policy of regional development.

Liubov Ropalo, Head of Cherkasy Regional Development Agency, noted: “What`s important is the dialogue between the representatives of business, science, society, authority, and also their co-working”.

Participants of the meeting worked in subgroups: the representatives of business, science, society, and authority.

In the first part of the event there was the introduction. Each sector answered the following questions:

  1. Which necessary things do we do (as a sector) for the development of Cherkasy region?
  2. What do we need now (as a sector) for our development?
  3. How do we see ourselves (as a sector) within the framework of regional development in the year of 2027?

During the second part of the meeting, the participants discussed SWOT-analysis within their subgroups: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (considering the propositions of expert group from the previous meeting).

The next step is making the SWOT-matrix (the definition of comparative advantages, challenges, and risks, based on the interrelations between Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), setting the strategic, operational goals and tasks for regional development strategy, and the discussion of them.

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