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Press-conference on Strategy 2021-27

Press-conference on Strategy 2021-27

On June 26, in the press room of Cherkasy regional state administration, a press-conference for the local media on the Cherkasy region development strategy for the period of 2021 – 2027 and the Plan for its implementation for the period of 2021-2023 took place. During this conference such questions were discussed: special features of the Strategy development with the elements of SMART-specialization, participants of this process and its significance for the region.

They talked about the strategy, which is considered to be a systemic strategic document with clearly set strategic goals and assignments, defined deadlines for its implementation, resourcing and specific projects which help to achieve these goals.

Taras Vysotskyi, the acting Head of Cherkasy regional state administration has noted that Cherkasy region has a Development Strategy up to 2020 and the Plan for its implementation for the period of 2018-2020. The work on the development of the Strategy for the period of 2021-2027 has already begun.

The new Regional development strategy for 7 years, which includes the elements of SMART-specialization, will provide an opportunity for attracting EU’s resources.

In order to make the process of its development as open and transparent as possible, the website “Cherkasy region development strategy 2021-2027” and social networking pages have been created.

Roman Karmannik, the head of the Department of Regional Development of Cherkasy regional state administration has mentioned that this is the second time when the Strategy development will be based on the European methodology. The key features of this process are: wide involvement of business, science and the public representatives together with local authorities and the search for SMART-specialization of the region.

He has also emphasized the key role of the Regional Development Agency as a coordinator of the Strategy development process. Moreover, he dwelt on the stages and participants of the strategy development process.


The Director of the Regional Development Agency, Liubov Ropalo, views the Strategy as an opportunity for the region to join European programs in order to attract resources in the sphere of small and medium business. To achieve all this, the only condition is to have a regional development strategy with the elements of SMART-specialization. She has also emphasized the importance of constant dialogue between the participants of the development process.

Hryhorii Pererva – regional development expert of the Cherkasy LGDC, has informed that within the framework of the decentralization reform, local communities are also actively involved in the strategies creation process: more than 40 local communities have developed or are developing their own strategies. The representatives of local communities are ready to join the process of developing the Regional Strategy.

The importance of the communication between science and business has been discussed several times during the press conference.

Emil Faure, Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations of Cherkasy State Technological University, revealed the place and role of scientific institutions in the process of strategy development. As a representative of the scientific sector, he hopes that the strategy development process will become a platform for active communication between science and business.

The business community was represented by Vladyslav Sushko. He said that it is very important to include into the strategy the projects related to both the development of infrastructure and the development of human capital assets. To these projects belong: creation of business schools, centers for entrepreneurship development and the organization of open spaces for beginner entrepreneurs in the form of hubs and co-workings.

One thing was similar for all the speakers. They spoke about the importance of communication in the “square”: authorities-business-science-the public.

As the representative of the public, Ivan Podolian has mentioned the role of high-quality communication and the specifics of work with youth in order to fully involve them into the process of Regional strategy development.


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